Innovative Solutions

We at IMACS offer consultancy and facilitation services between insurance companies, insured members and health care providers.

We draw our values and objectives on the 4 Principles espoused by Andrew Miller:

  1. Align Strategies & Tactics,
  2. Innovate & Collaborate,
  3. Acquire & Keep Key Customers and
  4. Acquire & Retain Top Talent.

We constantly engage with all our partners to understand their needs and requirements continually in order to find the appropriate solutions for all concerned parties. We align our business strategies and activities to the goals and objectives of our valued partners in order to help achieve the best possible outcome.

We acknowledge and encourage versatile talent force, with varied skill sets and interpersonal abilities. We provide necessary training & motivation to retain the best talent in our company. We ensure that all our clients receive the timely, appropriate and necessary assistance for the best outcomes possible. We help balance the medical needs of the insured members with competitive and affordable healthcare without compromising on the quality and accessibility.

We monitor the costs, negotiate better discounts, rigourously follow up on re-pricing and applicable recoveries thereby lowering the overheads of claims. We help make healthcare possibilities into actualities by forging a win-win situation for all our partners. We do all of these while ensuring highest regard to client-sensitivity, safeguard client (member) information, relationship and privacy at all times.

IMACS also helps in claim record verification under adjustment policies, follow up of recoveries from reinsurance companies, co-insurance and subrogation recovery services wherever applicable.