IMACS.Ca is our parent company- licensed at Ontario- Canada since 2015.
We began our journey focusing on Health & Wellness through medical insurance. We have since evolved into an Insurtech company focused on Health, Wealth & Societal Well Being.

Insurance is a highly regulated industry stuck in traditional practices and policies that do not always match well with the potentialities of current technological advancements. 

All around the world the insurance landscape is changing but not quite fast enough to keep up with customers expectations and needs.

Amidst i) rapidly changing climatic conditions, ii) skyrocketing costs of health insurance, iii) emergence of financial products with inbuilt insurances  due to intra-industry competition caused by deregulation  of banks etc., have all created an atmosphere of ‘Need Something Fresh’ in customers mind.

IMACS team recognizes the  significant gap in the industry which we as Insurance-Collabortors aim to provide for our customers with a laser beam focus on enhancing Health, Wealth & Well-Being of our customers.