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Sales SourceContact TypeContact NameT L Valid TillPolicy #Policy ExpiryInsurance ProviderAnnual Premium Before VAT
Producer name displayed hereIndividual or Company Client name will be displayed herePolicy numberPolicy validityInsurance company's nameAnnual premium
MythiliExpat-IndividualSomy Sany ManavalanNot ApplicableP/2018/10134/10030Jun2019
MythiliEstablishmentPower Shield Building Construction LLC10 May 2020DAT/10/2019/5000003904/00/0025 Jun 2020Dar Al Takaful16, 128
MythiliEstablishmentPower Shield Building Construction LLC10 May 2020P/PKG/60/85314 May 2020Al Salama1,289
MythiliEstablishmentPower Shield Building Construction LLC10 May 2020010201010119585000000108 May 2020Oman Insurance Company1,280
MaheshExpat-IndividualPremkumar of Green GoldNot ApplicableP-100-1020-2019-1487707 Oct 2020
MaheshEstablishmentSultan Al Olama Medical Center10 Dec 2019DB59SD1800056327 Nov 2019Al Sagr National Insurance Company250,000
MaheshEstablishmentSultan Al Olama Medical Center10 Dec 2019CPG/DHA-B/RN/21/3/046392/201825 Oct 2019Orient Insurance11,000
RishikaEstablishmentPrakash Trading Company22 Jan 2020DAT/10/2019/5000004411/00/0031 July 2020Dar Al Takaful212,000
MaheshEstablishmentAhmad Abdul Rahman Sons General Trading 12 Feb 2019OIGM20190005780231 Dec 2019Oman Insurance Company212,000
RishikaExpat-IndividualSunder DevnaniNot Applicable001/2018/1234/100-0131 Aug 2019
RishikaEstablishmentAlight Steel Constructions Contracting LLC24 Apr 2020CPG/DHA-E/05/3/59902/201911 Apr 2020Orient Insurance Company52,000
RishikaEstablishmentAFPA Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment installation LLC26 Nov 201902/DHA/2019/251511 May 2020RAK Insurance Company29,000
MaheshEstablishmentThe Big Fitout10 Nov 2019GO11801348
30 May 2010Watania Insurance1,262
MaheshEstablishmentThe Big Fitout10 Nov 2019L91180037330 May 2010Watania Insurance2,500
MaheshEstablishmentThe Big Fitout10 Nov 2019CPG/NM/05/3/600019/20194 Jun 2020Orient Insurance55,5800
MaheshEstablishmentThe Big Fitout10 Nov 2019CPG/DHA-B/05/3/60020/2019

8Nov 2019Orient Insurance8,400